French washed linen cushions, an exceptional fabric

After many steps to find the perfect fabric meeting all our criteria, it is with joy that we offer you a very high quality French cousin.

Flax: a plant grown in France

Linen is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant and is valued for its durability and breathability, which is especially nice during the warm months. It's also absorbent, which can help regulate body moisture. Additionally, linen has natural antibacterial properties, making it a hygienic choice. It is a noble material which requires very high quality processing.

indoor cushion in washed linen Petits Cadors

100% French washed linens: a rare product

This exceptional collection is made with rare 100% French linen (grown, woven, dyed) . These washed linen cushions are soft, fluid and their fabric is very resistant. For this fabric, we chose Lemaitre Demeestere which has ancestral know-how in the art of weaving since 1835. It is very rare that all the stages of making linen fabrics are carried out here, in France. The weaving or dyeing stages are unfortunately often carried out abroad, and sometimes on the other side of the world! With this linen cushion collection you are guaranteed to have an ultra local cushion, all stages of which from weaving to manufacturing have been carried out close to you.

A noble material on Salvador

Salvador , our small booster cushion specially designed to gently support the neck and provides a great feeling of comfort from the first use. It is ideal indoors and outdoors, the companion in all circumstances.

Comfort and style for your living space

Linen cushions are very trendy , they offer a particularly elegant and natural decorative look . Our collection is available in a beautiful color chart to suit all styles of interior or exterior decoration. With them, it's impossible to make a mistake in taste, they are timeless ! To place on a sofa, an armchair or a deckchair to add a touch of comfort and aesthetics.

decorative linen cushion

On the maintenance side...

These little pillows can be maintained by washing them in the machine at 30°. They will be softer after each wash, which makes them decorative cushions and an everyday accessory that we love.