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France Inter parle de nous : des trajets familiaux plus confortables avec Petits Cadors

France Inter talks about us: more comfortable family journeys with Petits Cadors

By Marine Baousson, French comedian, actress, author, podcaster and director.

On December 1st, our brand was highlighted on France Inter, by Marine Baousson, who addressed a subject that concerns many parents: long car journeys. She shares her thoughts on these endless journeys which can sometimes test the patience of the whole family.

The challenge of family travel

Every parent knows well this sentence which can sometimes seem endless: “When are we arriving? Huh, when are we arriving? Mom, when are we arriving?” This simple question can arouse the desire in parents to go back in time and change the course of things .” Marine Baousson tells us with humor and authenticity about her experiences during these trips.

Watch (listening time: 4'):

A comfortable solution: ISIDOR cushions from Petits Cadors

However, Marine Baousson offers a solution to make these journeys more pleasant, with products from our brand, Petits Cadors. It highlights the car cushion called ISIDOR . This innovative cushion promises to transform the car journey experience by providing exceptional comfort.

Eco-responsible commitment

In addition to comfort, Marine also highlights the eco-responsible commitment of our brand. In these times when sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial. Marine enthusiastically shares how we strive to minimize our impact on the environment, by using recycled plastic fiber which contributes to building a greener future.

During this festive season when families come together, it is essential to make family journeys as pleasant as possible. Our cushions present themselves as an innovative and comfortable solution to meet the needs of parents and children during these often perilous journeys. By investing in these eco-responsible products made in France, we can not only improve our daily lives but also help preserve our beautiful planet. So, this year, say goodbye to long and uncomfortable journeys, and hello to comfort and durability with ISIDOR cushions from Petits Cadors.

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