Isidor, Salvador and Téodor at the Paris fair!

Juliette, Muriel and Laurent present to you the Petits Cadors!

Sunday we were present at the Paris fair for an exceptional day. The opportunity for us to have you test our nomadic pillows on site on our stand. Juliette, our outstanding little demonstrator, was there to help us! For those who were unable to visit us and were unable to test our car or nap cushions, I will briefly present them:

Isidor, the car pillow, a family invention

Sleeping in the car is always difficult! The coats in a ball, the pillows on the back seat, the head falling forward, the U-shaped headrest, in short, everyone knows the struggle when it comes to resting on long journeys.

Isidor , we invented it for ourselves at the start! We were right, fixing this little carton-shaped pillow solved all our problems! Tested and approved by all of us, we decided to have it tested by those around us. We tweaked it, tweaked it, tested it and retested it again.

This invention is very simple but no similar solution exists so we filed a patent at the beginning of 2018. Traveling with Isidor will revolutionize your family travel, you will see!

Salvador, the relaxation companion

On a deck chair, in a hammock, by the pool or on the beach, Salvador will be your summer companion ! It is with great joy that we saw the Salvador cushions leave with you. We know that they will accompany you to spend some sweet time reading or taking a nap, and that’s really nice 🙂

Teodor, 15 minutes of nap

Very current subject: the practice of naps! It has so many virtues that it is normal to hear so much about it! Téodor looks a lot like Salvador, but his prints are in more neutral, softer shades, in beautiful natural weaves with an irregular effect. It accompanies you to the office , on a corner of the sofa , in an armchair , or on your bed.

A full day…

Lots of encouraging words, exciting encounters, and Little Cadors heading off to the four corners of France, a very positive outcome for this beautiful day in your company!

But also…

We weren't there by chance! We also took part in a TV shoot! We can't tell you more at the moment but it won't be long. A weekend full of events!

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