Isidor the car pillow in “My invention is worth gold”

Our Isidor car pillow in the spotlight!

It's a crazy adventure that you will be able to follow from Monday May 20, 2019 on the M6 ​​television channel. Indeed, our very first nomadic pillow, Isidor , the one at the origin of the brand, our family creation, was selected to be presented in front of experts during “my invention is worth gold”! It was under the eyes of Jérôme Bonaldi that we, not without stress, presented our invention: the car pillow for young and old!

A patent filed for Isidor

This invention is simple, but this attachment system did not yet exist! It is the combination of this attachment and the box shape of the pillow that stability is ensured. No more stiff necks, pillows on the deck, balled up sweaters, etc. but we will explain all that to you during our demonstration in front of the 3 experts of “my invention is worth gold”.

The filming of the show

It was during a trade fair in Nîmes that we presented our product! That day, around 35 inventors demonstrated their invention in order to convince the experts. Following this demonstration, the experts selected their favorite inventions to continue the adventure.

Our family adventure

Juliette, aged 11, accompanied us on this adventure. Our mascot, our salesperson, our lucky charm!! She didn't give up and performed without losing her composure.

To find out how far we have come in this adventure,
See you on M6 from Monday!

You will find out if our Isidor car pillow was chosen as the winner!