Isidor – winning invention in “My invention is worth gold” on M6!

Isidor, the car pillow by Petits Cadors, is one of the winners!

Thursday July 11 as a bonus at 9 p.m. you were able to see us once again defend our invention: Isidor the ultra soft car pillow ! In Bordeaux, at their premises, Cdiscount announced to us that they had chosen to place an order with us to support us in the deployment of our brand. A fantastic opportunity then opened up to us, an impetus which allowed us to move up a gear and work on the development of our range of nomadic pillows .

The semi-final at the Paris exhibition

After being selected by the M6 ​​experts, here we are at the Paris fair during the Lépine competition to present Isidor once again. This time it is 3 representatives of the big brand that we will have to convince. This brand is Cdiscount.

The previous time we had a vehicle to test our product, but this time, it is too complicated to get a car into the Lépine competition hall. So the production of M6 simulates a car interior… made up of seats from an old gendarmerie bus 🙂 But you only saw fire there, right? ahaha!

Juliette manages like a boss and explains how Isidor attaches himself to the headrest of the car.

She is very impressed because in reality the demo was long and we addressed more “technical” questions than the first time: manufacturing, logistics, legislation, materials, costs, orders, etc. but without losing her cool she even did a race with Emmanuelle to see which of the two would be the first to put on Isidor's cover!

Everything is scrutinized from the packaging to the product finishes.

The 3 experts note that we forgot to sew a composition label on our cover, no detail escapes them.

At the end of our discussions the hall of the fair was emptied of its visitors and exhibitors, the day was very long, but we left filled with joy after having given our business card to the Cdiscount experts, the pass to go to final in Bordeaux and find out if we will be marketed by the brand.

The final in Bordeaux

This meeting took place shortly after the Paris fair, on May 15 in Bordeaux, at the brand's premises.

During the various interviews that led us to this point, for fun, Juliette was often named the CEO of Petits Cadors by the film crews, so it was obvious that she would be the one to sign the contract if we were to win!

Waiting for results

In a solemn atmosphere my microphone does not want to work, during these 15 minutes of adjustment (unless it only lasted 5 minutes, I don't know but it was loooong haha!) I tried to relax the atmosphere and start the discussion with the 3 experts, but they remained unmoved played the game well and didn't let anything show. Impossible to get anything from them! Silence. We wait.

Then everything works again. Let's start at the beginning...

My invention is worth gold, the verdict

After a few exchanges, as agreed, it is Juliette who will discover if the briefcase contains a contract. Finally relieved to know the verdict: an order of 1000 copies ! This is the quantity that we had previously committed to producing in 1 month. The opportunity for us to switch to another method of manufacturing for the Isidor pillow. We were already in contact with a manufacturing plant in the north of France, all that remained was to launch production!

Waiting for the show to air

In the heat of the moment

It was a crazy month that we spent coordinating Made in France production and juggling the dates for receiving raw materials, because we hadn't launched anything on a large scale until then.

1 month of madness counting the days to honor our first large order, confronting the various problems that must be managed (delayed delivery, out of stock, lost packages, etc.).

Successful bet !

The broadcast of the show was ultimately delayed by 2 weeks, the time needed to relax a little! We delivered our order in time so that the brand could offer the products on the evening of the broadcast on July 12.

Crazy evening at the Petits Cadors since your numerous orders managed to cause our site to crash during the broadcast on M6!!! But we’ll talk about that again soon in another post 😉