Gift ideas for Father's Day 😘

What gift to give for Father's Day? This is the question we all ask ourselves. If you lack inspiration, you're in luck! Does he like to take time to nap? So you're even better off, you've come to the right article! This year give him an original gift that will accompany him for long hours of comfort.

To pamper dad's neck every day

If your father has neck problems , you can give him an extra cushion that provides extra support when he watches TV or sunbathes on a deck chair.
If he prefers to spend his time reading, a cushion to delicately accompany his numerous readings can be a practical gift .

Choose the Salvador model, a quality model that promotes correct and comfortable posture. Our everyday cushion is designed in a way that it can provide optimal comfort while reading or otherwise.

Salvador also has an aesthetic use. Indeed, if you want to add a decorative touch to your father's house in order to take care of his interior, offer him an assortment that matches his decorating style. Opt for cushions in different patterns to create a warm atmosphere.

Our best-selling selection:
- SALVADOR Rivage , an elegant cushion in soft and fresh 100% French washed linen
- SALVADOR Ajaccio , to invite him to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the garden

Father's Day gift Made in France

To travel with complete peace of mind and without stiff necks

If your father likes to travel or makes frequent business trips, a comfortable travel pillow may be very appreciated. Choose the Ellipse model, a model for the train, bus or plane , which offers good cervical support and is easy to transport thanks to its carabiner.

Is he traveling with his family by car? give him ISIDOR , you can steal him! 😉

Our best-selling selection:
- ELLIPSE Mergellina , to revolutionize your transport journeys
- ISIDOR Hossegor , the gold medalist car cushion at the Lépine competition that everyone will try to steal from him

A Made In France gift card for the undecided

If you're not sure which cushion or color your dad would like best, a gift card might be a good option. This way, he can choose for himself and you can be sure that he will like it.

The best Father's Day gift: the one you choose with him in mind!

Here is our selection of gifts for dads! It will help you make a mistake. When choosing, don't forget to take into account your dad's tastes and needs. Whether to offer comfort or decoration, the important thing is to show him that you have thought of him carefully 💝

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