Experience “Hygge” with our limited edition cushion!

New in limited series, the ideal indoor cushion for winter!

How about a cushion as soft and comfortable as a big sweater that we like to curl up in on Sundays when the weather drags on? With 3 colors in natural tones, navy , string and khaki , the Scandinavian spirit comes to your living room. This makes it a great gift idea that will allow you to refine your “hygge” philosophy!

Hygge - what is it?

Hygge is of Danish origin. It describes a positive state of mind, provided by a warm, comforting, intimate and friendly atmosphere. It is the art of appreciating the little joys of life. With friends or family, around a hot drink and with your thick socks, winter is becoming so mild. What a joy to find ourselves near the fireplace to tell each other our most beautiful stories and our childhood memories!


SALVADOR, the one who quickly becomes indispensable in everyday life

Concretely, SALVADOR is a cushion which softly supports the neck and immediately provides a feeling of comfort. It is a cushion very appreciated by its users and which quickly becomes essential in everyday life! For the little anecdote, a few days ago, a lady pushed our door open and told us that she was coming to get a SALVADOR urgently because she had put hers in the wash and couldn't wait for it to dry 😄 We loved it !

To watch a film, read in bed or on the sofa, take a nap on a deck chair or an armchair, ... take a break and simply appreciate the present moment.

adult child

To share with the kids!

We thought you would like to share these good times with the kids! Cocooning session, cuddling, reading, hot chocolate or card game with the family, the little ones are also entitled to their cuddly toy cushion! Mismatched or matched, duo, trio or tribe, it's up to you to compose as you please.

limited series collection

Attention limited series!

Make your list quickly before there is no more room in my OH-OH-OH hood! ” Indeed, this knit series in natural shades was produced in a few copies in our own workshop, located in the south of France. This is a special collection and there will be no restocking.

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