Guide to Christmas gifts (Made In France) for children and teenagers

Toys and gadgets are sure to be under the tree, but are you looking for something more meaningful? Children, pre-teens, teenagers, it's not always easy to find gifts that will please them and that are in line with our values!

Gift ideas for children aged 3 to 8

We wanted to design a cushion that would allow the child to rest wherever they are but also as a comfort blanket. Our credo is “Wherever you are, you can take a little rest! Like a cuddly toy, it will accompany you everywhere!”

child cushion gift idea

MINI SALVADOR Saint Malo with a seagull pattern with its soft pink background , it fits completely into the current weather theme 🌧️ We also have MINI SALVADOR Siena , very flowery, also one of our favorites for children. Or MINI SALVADOR Monstropolis with its funny colorful monsters. Other colors are available on the site, don't hesitate to take a look to match the personality of your little ones.

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In the Petits Cadors family, a youngest has slipped in... Teodor , our long-awaited newborn will come to relieve your little ones. In car seats with backrests or in a stroller, the ordeal is over!

ISIDOR the ideal gift for children and teenagers!

Pre-teens, teenagers... and their parents, will be surprised to receive as a gift this incredible car pillow which has a patent for invention. When traveling by car, it provides comfort, softness, and allows you to sleep comfortably without being folded in half on a balled up coat.

little cadors car cushion

Goodbye to the endless groans in the car, the “are we almost there?” every 5 minutes! All that remains is to choose the color:

ISIDOR Sherwood in organic cotton , suitable for the most cunning, our little tricksters, our little everyday foxes
ISIDOR Brussels is funny and graphic . Do they ask for it at every meal? French fries of course... To offer without moderation to your favorite potatoes 😜
ISIDOR Tatooine is the ideal car cushion for all Star Wars fans , and even for those who talk about it in the schoolyard but still haven't seen it!
Finally, the favorite of young teenagers is ISIDOR Las Vegas, you might have guessed it. Black and sparkling, it appeals to young ladies on the verge of becoming women! Besides, there's a good chance she'll get it from mom 😄

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INFORMATION OF THE HIGHEST IMPORTANCE: Cushion machine washable at 30°! Practical with our crap!

It’s up to you 🎅🏼