For a responsible Christmas, gifts made in France from €30 🎁

For a friend with sophisticated tastes, someone who is not easy to please or for people who like timeless things, or help you choose!

A quick overview of our bestsellers with which we are sure not to go wrong!

To help you with these endless choices, we have put together a short list of the best-selling Petits Cadors cushions to guide you where to turn. Car, everyday or even travel cushion , discover the complete list of emblematic items. A little help to help you in your choice of gifts for the holidays cannot be refused!

The best of the best: ISIDOR the car cushion

At our famous ISIDOR, the brand's most popular cushion , Chicago , Baikal and Barcelona are at the top of the list! Chicago, from its chambered gray emerges an overflowing simplicity, it goes incognito, and sometimes, it's accommodating! Chic and elegant, it is the favorite of those who want a simple car accessory ! Baikal is a mixed pattern with intense blue. The crane is the symbol of serenity, with it there is no doubt that your sleep will be the deepest. Barcelona, ​​for its part, with its cosmopolitan and colorful character, gives strength and pride in owning it! Designed by a Toulouse textile designer, it is one of our most committed patterns.

SALVADOR: the everyday all-terrain cushion!

As for Salvador, an everyday cushion, we note that you have some favorites too! Charleville , is made from one of our most eco-responsible fabrics, it is woven in France from organic and recycled cotton . Its graphic tree pattern goes easily with different interiors: modern, sober, or colorful! Berlin , with its false plain anthracite gray, it is sure to please with its sobriety. And finally, Florence , one of the youngest, dressed in velvet and gold piping, is unanimous! An exceptional cushion made from French velvet ! Available in several colors , it makes you want to curl up under a blanket with its soft and warm colors.

French velvet cushion ideal for Christmas

The 2-in-1 ELLIPSE for globetrotters

Finally, Ellipse, travel cushion , will accompany you for your stays, short or long, by train, car or plane. Qualified as "Best high-end cushion" by the Selectos comparator , you can slip its soft blindfold over your eyes and let yourself be guided! 😄 In this range, the safe bets will be Princess Juliana with her beautiful petrol blue, it is the ideal gift that appeals to both men and women. The brand new Orly with its royal blue has quickly become one of your favorites. As for Ellipse Montparnasse , it represents elegance and simplicity so well. ELLIPSE is made in our own workshop with 88% recycled materials, making it a responsible travel accessory. This is rather good news for those who want to discover the wonders of our planet.

And for the kids?

In the MINI SALVADOR collection, small everyday cushions matching those of adults, our best-seller is Hanoi with its beautiful floral pattern on a dark background. He accompanies the little ones to school, in the sweet moments of everyday life, on vacation with grandpa and grandma. For trips in a car seat and stroller, TEODOR Grenadine, our latest addition, is already your favorite color! Nothing surprising when you see his red heart which speaks of love!

Made In France Christmas gifts for the whole family!

With cushions entirely made in France , and a large number of them made from French and organic/recycled fabric , these are high quality gifts starting at just €30 . A quality of manufacturing, scrupulously selected materials, the territorial dynamism created with more than 20 partners throughout France (straps, labels, fabrics, etc.) and an impact on the planet taken into account in each of our decisions, one thing is certain, with Petits Cadors cushions you can please your loved ones while respecting your values .